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Operations PJ and GOOD TASTE Launched

Posted: Monday, May 9, 2005

By: Debora Whitfield (Expired article)

Solvang, CA -

Local resident retired Air Force Colonel Pat Sullivan has planned two important operations to assist our troops once again. After a successful campaign last fall, Colonel Sullivan is asking for us to enlist in supporting these campaigns by making a donation. The two missions will provide support for our troops in separate and disinctive ways. [Drop-off Locations]

Operation PJ is just what it sounds like - pajamas. Colonel Sullivan informed us that "When a soldier is wounded, taken to the hospital, the first thing they do is cut of his or her uniform to ensure a clear working field." While many of us have seen an emergency room television series or have the personal experience of a hospital stay, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that standard patient hospital attire does not leave much to the imagination or preserve personal dignity. Military hospital gowns are no different. The map for this mission is easy to read and simple to follow: Colonel Sullivan is collecting pajama bottoms, and loose-fitting T-shirts that are more comfortable and more appropriate for a wounded soldier. Along with pajamas, Operation PJ will be happy to receive your donations of slippers, phone cards (international, of course) and any other item that will demonstrate that their injury does not diminish their heroism and their individual dignity is worth preserving. Remember, some soldiers may not be able to wear pajamas because of their wounds, so feel free to donate a lightweight bathrobe.

Colonel Sullivan's second mission, Operation Good Taste, is seeking to transform the stereotypical field ration package into a nice surprise by providing supplemental packages which will accompany field rations. Colonel Sullivan along with Lindalee Baumgarten will be packaging these items for distribution once the packages arrive at their destination. Operation Good Taste is seeking donations for: Easy Macaroni and Cheese or other prepared snack foods, Cookies (pre-packaged only, please), Beef Jerky, Hard Candies and other treats that are individually packaged and travel well. On a personal note, many of us remember growing up eating a box of caramelized popcorn excited to find the prize - nowadays treats are a staple in children's meals. Operation Good Taste is seeking treats appropriate for the troops to include: toothpaste, toothbrushes, sun screen, moisturizer, hand lotion, deodorant, razors (disposable only), hygiene products, eye drops, foot powder, new socks, phone cards (again, international), and any other small item that could make their day a little more cheerful.

The Colonel's missions don't require enlisting anything other than your heart and a small monetary investment - our soldiers are giving so much more and appreciate Americans' heartfelt gestures. If you would like to participate in either opeation by making a donation, please contact Pat Sullivan at (805) 688-8404 or Lindalee Baumgarten at (805) 688-0354 to arrange a drop-off or pickup.

These drives to help our troops take place until the end of Memorial Day weekend, May 31, 2005.

Drop-Off Locations:
  • El Rancho Market, Solvang
  • Harrison's Hardware, Santa Ynez

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